January 30, 2023

Transform Procrastination into Productivity: 5 Side Project Ideas to Embrace

Unlock Your Creativity & Boost Productivity with These Procrastination-Embracing Side Projects
As an entrepreneur, I tend to have several projects at one time leading to procrastination which is almost inevitable. Most struggle with putting off the most important things, and overall work until a deadline looms. While there is no cure for procrastination, writer Saul Griffith has a solution to make it more productive. Instead of fighting the urge to procrastinate, Griffith suggests setting up "learning projects" to acquire new skills. When the focus fatigue creeps in, instead of mindlessly browsing the internet, he turns to one of his learning projects. By procrastinating with these projects, he winds up doing something useful and ultimately becomes a better writer. The author has adopted this method and set up their own learning projects such as coding and has seen positive results in productivity. The key is to choose a project that requires learning and not just mindless browsing.

5 Ideas to help with Procrastination

  1. Pick up a new hobby, such as photography or painting, and use it as a way to take breaks from your main project and refresh your mind.
  2. Learn a new programming language, like Python or Ruby, and use it to build small projects that help you practice your skills.
  3. Try a new DIY project, such as building a piece of furniture or gardening, that requires you to focus on something physical and can provide a welcome distraction from screen-based work.
  4. Study a new subject that you’ve always been curious about, like psychology, economics or history, and use this as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and perspective.
  5. Start a new fitness routine, such as yoga or weightlifting, and use it to take a break from the mental demands of your work and focus on physical activity and mindfulness.

The Wrap

Side projects can be a great way to help with procrastination. By channeling your energy and focus into something creative, productive and enjoyable, you can take a break from your main tasks and avoid getting bogged down by boredom or frustration. Whether you're exploring new skills, pursuing a passion, or simply having fun, side projects can help to stimulate your mind, boost your confidence, and bring a sense of purpose and accomplishment to your life. So don't be afraid to embrace your procrastination and start exploring the possibilities of your next side project today!

Key Points

Embracing procrastination with side projects can help in several ways:

  1. Provides a healthy outlet for productive procrastination
  2. Offers a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment
  3. Develops new skills and expands knowledge
  4. Increases creativity and stimulates the brain
  5. Helps manage stress and provides a break from everyday tasks.
    By focusing on these activities, one can channel their tendency to procrastinate into a positive and productive outlet.

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